2014 Banshee Terre di Fiori Sangiovese Maremma, Tenute Costa

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2014 Banshee Terre di Fiori Sangiovese Maremma, Tenute Costa

Navn Banshee Terre di Fiori Sangiovese Maremma
Type Rødvin
Område Toscana
Årgang 2014
Alkohol 14%
Druesorter Sangiovese
Producent Terre di Fiori


Tasting Notes
Color: The wine is a very deep and intense ruby color
Taste: The taste of wine is rich, focused, dry, elegant, with a soft texture, acute acidity and a fairly long finish.
Aroma: The concentrated aroma of the wine reveals tones of ripe dark berries
Gastronomy: The wine goes well with meat snacks, mature cheeses, pasta with meat sauce and spicy meat dishes.

Interesting Facts
Terre di Fiori, “Banshee” is a classic Tuscany Sangiovese with a ripe, concentrated berry aroma and elegant taste with an interesting contrast between a soft texture and a sharp, focused acidity. The name of the farm “Terre di Fiori” translates as “land of flowers”, so the wines of the farm have on the label various flowers growing in different regions of Tuscany. During vinification, maceration and fermentation are used in steel tanks for 15-20 days with rare wort transfers. Then the wine is aged 6 months in barriques and 12 months in bottles.

Producer’s description
Tenute Costa is a wine company owned by Andrea and Luca Costa, a father and son who have joined forces to produce wine. They both worked as engineers, but both had a passion for wine and were so fascinated by the magic of Lange, Maremma, and Appiano Plateau that in 2008 they began their wine adventure. All three wineries are focused on environmental sustainability and energy conservation, which means that they have been certified by CASACLIMA.

The Tenute Costa Group consists of three unique wineries in the three best wine regions of Italy. The first – “Due Corti” – is located in Lange, or rather in the commune of Monforte d’Alba, in the center of the industrial area of Barolo. 11 hectares of its vineyards are located on a hillside facing the castle of Serralunga. The cellars of the winery were opened in the fall of 2010, they are distinguished by “invisibility”: larch on the outside and the best oenological technology inside.

The second is Terre di Fiori, an estate immersed in the Maremma countryside, teeming with rich Mediterranean flavors. Cellars surrounded by vineyards and ancient olive trees are located on a gentle hill in the commune of Grosseto, from which you can see the Tyrrhenian Sea. Cellars partially hidden underground are based in windmills. This simple idea is justified not only architecturally, but also energetically: indeed, the system of aeolian microturbines provides the energy necessary for the production of wine.
And finally, the third winery – “Lahnhof” which is one of the best quality wines in Alto Adige. It is located at the junction of Val Passirio and Val d’Isarco and boasts vineyards with a unique microclimate.



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