2019 Melaris Malvasia DOC Friuli Isonzo, Murva

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2019 Melaris Malvasia DOC Friuli Isonzo, Murva

It is visually bright straw yellow with greenish reflections. The nose is intense on citrus and white orange blossom notes, embellished with a hawthorn floral, exotic pineapple fruits and sweet spices. In the mouth there is an important enveloping softness that harmoniously integrates with a great acidity, giving freshness and drinkability and enticing the drink. Long finish, caressing slightly almondy.

Serving temperature : 10 – 12 C °

The company that produces this label is Murva

The company was founded in 2009, by the will of the two spouses Alberto Pelos and Renata Pizzulin, both from families of wine growers and is part of the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers. The 4 hectares of business are located in the four different areas in the municipality of Moraro and in two areas in the neighboring municipality. The historical vineyards of the company are: Teolis, Melaris, Paladis and Murellis and while the most recent are: Monuments and Corvatis. Each of these places has its own pedological and climatic characteristics and the grapes placed on these soils vary both by vine and by soil composition.

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2016 Maleris Malvasia Istriana, Murva Renata Pizzulin

Navn Melaris Malvasia Istriana
Type Hvidvin
Område Friuli
Årgang 2019
Alkohol 14%
Druesorter Malvasia Istriana
Producent Murva Renata Pizzulin


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