2017 Feudi Aragonesi BIO, IGT Terre di Chieti, Casal Bordino

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2017 Feudi Aragonesi BIO, IGT Terre di Chieti, Casal Bordino

VARIETY Red I.G.T. Terre di Chieti
AREA OF PRODUCTION Vineyards situated in the municipality of Casalbordino, between the hills facing the Adriatic Sea.
SOIL – ALTITUDE Mixed – gravelly soil. Favourable exposure of vineyards on the hills at an altitude between 150 and 250 metres above sea level.
VITICULTURE Abruzzi pergola with a density of 2000-2500 plants per hectare with a production of 110 quintal/ha in grapes with a yield of hl 75.
HARVEST Selection of the best grapes, in vineyards, picked by hand in the early hours of the day during the 10th to the 20th of October.
VINIFICATION Crushing and soft pressing of the grapes, static sedimentation of the must at a low temperature, separation of the clear must and fermentation at 16-18 °C in steel tanks with inoculation of selected yeasts.
AGEING – CONSERVATION Long maceration of pressed grapes, with repassing of must over the grape rinds and fermentation at a controlled temperature in stainless steel thermal conditioned containers. Refined for two months in bottles before being placed on the market.
COLOUR Intense ruby red with light violet reflections.
FRAGRANCE Fruity, light and vinous.
TASTE Rich and harmonic taste, round and full-bodied.
SERVING TEMPERATURE Serve at a temperature of 16-18 °C.

Gastronomic suggestions

Ideal with pasta, meat dishes and aged cheese. Store in a cool and dry place.


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2017 Feudi Aragonesi BIO, IGT Terre di Chieti, Casal Bordino

Navn Feudi Aragonesi BIO
Type Rødvin
Område Abruzzo
Årgang 2017
Alkohol 12.5 %
Druesorter Røde druer
Producent Casal Bordino


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